If you are looking for an active and varied job, have a passion for helping people, improving people’s lives and making a difference there is a wide range of career opportunities available at GTG. We are always looking for people who share GTG’s values and passion for providing high quality and effective patient care, always putting the patient first.

We recruit to a range of roles including clinical, administrative and leadership positions.  GTG welcome people with commitment and dedication and promote growth and development within the existing GTG team. 

The latest company structure allows staff to have a voice in how the company is run and on the company’s future.

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How to become a Physiotherapist

If you have a genuine interest in people and are interested in health and science then Physiotherapy could be the career for you.

To become a physiotherapist in UK/Guernsey you will need to complete a BSc Degree in Physiotherapy.
Once you have completed your degree course in the UK and graduated you can then apply for registration.

Following graduation physiotherapists often choose to specialise in a particular field.
Some physiotherapists may do further post-graduate study such as a Master’s degree.

Physiotherapy usually requires prerequisite subjects to be eligible for application for degree courses.

Salary of physiotherapists vary depending on experience and level of qualifications.

If you are looking to work in a support role, such as a physiotherapy assistant, then you will be provided with on the job training.

If you are interested in studying Physiotherapy please contact us.