Guernsey Therapy Group are on the front line helping our community battle against COVID-19. Our staff play a vital role in the Princess Elizabeth Hospital helping to get patients well and back in their homes again.

Stage 2 exit from lockdown - from Monday 08/03/21

Some of our services will be returning with strict infection control procedures and social distancing measures in place. If you are in pain or have urgent concerns, please give us a call so one of our physiotherapists can arrange for you to be seen. Phone 232900 for St Martins appointments and 725241 (ext 4040) for hospital appointments.

Please do not attend our St Martins clinic or the Princess Elisabeth Hospital without an appointment. If you are attending an appointment please ensure you come with a mask and do not attend if you are feeling unwell.

We are also continuing to offer telehealth (phone or video calls) consultations for those who are unable to attend face-to-face appointments.


Lockdown from 23 January 2021

GTG will still be in operation, however most of our outpatient physiotherapy consultations will move to telehealth (phone or video calls). Urgent appointments will still be taking place, where the patients’ physical condition is at risk of deteriorating without a face-to-face appointment.

All of our physiotherapists are trained in essential roles within the Princess Elizabeth Hospital with the goal of getting people well quickly and back in their homes. We care for patients in ICU, assist with breathing and get them mobile and strong for returning home. Many of our usual services within the PEH are continuing to operate in the latest lockdown.

We will be in contact with all patients who have existing appointments as soon as possible to advise on your appointments.

For new private appointments, please call 232900 and our friendly reception team will be able to advise you on the best way forward.

For more information about coronavirus in Guernsey, visit:

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