Congratulations Adam Sensi

Congratulations to Adam Sensi who took home the Best Team Player award at the recent care support worker awards presentation.

Adam has worked as a neuro physiotherapy assistant for 5 years, having previously worked in the building industry as a plasterer. He was clearly meant to work in a healthcare role, due to his drive & enthusiasm to learn and his passion to get the best out of his patients in his role as a physiotherapy assistant.

Every day he arrives at work with a smile and an upbeat readiness for the day. His energy and enthusiasm never fails and his inspirational motivation for every patient is heard throughout the corridors of the physiotherapy department and at Beau Sejour! It infects the rest of the team and he brings life into the physiotherapy department. He always gets the best out of every patient, never gives up, motivates the most unmotivated of patients but shows empathy and support to those in need.

As a team player, nothing is ever too much to ask and he will get the job done. He thrives on a challenge and being busy, and has been particularly passionate about developing the Parkinson’s Class at Beau Sejour for newly diagnosed patients, which has received excellent feedback, from all the patients that have attended.

He supports his colleagues, is open & honest with his learning journey from the building site to the hospital workplace, and is an inspiration to those he works with.

Well done Adam!

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